Jennifer Love Hewitt
“I am currently vajazzled…it’s cute.”
Kim Kardashian
“Literally, at twelve years old I had a bikini wax. I had an appointment like every Friday, we’d go and and get the inside of our brows waxed and a bikini wax.”
Gwyneth Paltrow
“I look like an 8-year-old girl down there.(baby smooth skin)”
“…It feels good to me.”
Kathy Lee Gifford
“I don’t do any grooming down there other than whatever is required (Brazilian is a must).”
 REVEAL’S Brazilian Beauty (WAXING)
  • Regular exfoliation with a loofah is beneficial for the skin, and is recommended in between waxing sessions. This helps prevent ingrown hairs and keeping your skin silky!
  • Drink lots of water prior to your waxing appointment in order to stay hydrated! Dehydrated skin can cause the pores to tighten, making it more difficult for the wax to works its wonders.
  • Instead of shaving every morning, save time by opting for waxing. The results will be visible for up to three weeks! More than that, your hair will grow out lighter and thinner each time you wax.
  • While most depilatory products are chemically based, wax is the only natural one available. It’s also safer than any other hair removal method, including the unpredictable, sharp razor-blade.
  • Why wax? “Why dress up? Why put on make-up?” Because we want to look good, presentable and be confident wearing those hot pants! Waxing has quickly become part of women’s beauty routine over the past decades.
  • After your first waxing, it only gets easier and less painful! This is because the follicle becomes thinner and thinner, the hair will slide right out.
  • There is no double-dipping at Reveal! Each stick used to apply wax is disposed of immediately after, which is the most hygienic approach.
  • You’ve surely asked yourself this question: does waxing hurt? The process has indeed been described as uncomfortable; but the good news is, the discomfort is only felt during the service, and it stops immediately after. Our experts work very quickly to give you the smooth skin you want.
  • The side effects of shaving include cuts, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs. It also makes hair thicker and the after-shave smoothness doesn’t last more than a couple of days. With waxing, however, you get thinner hair and baby-smooth skin for 3-6 weeks.
  • The waxer will first clean and disinfect the desired area. She will then apply the hard wax and remove small areas of hair at a time. Finally, she will remove all residue wax and apply a soothing cream. Fast and easy!
  • Wax is warmed until it becomes spreadable, and it’s in no way boiling hot. It actually feels soothing when applied to the skin!
  • The hair that grows a few weeks after your waxing is soft and pointed, because this method takes it out entirely, from the root. With other hair removal methods, however, your hair will not only grow faster, but also stubbly and blunt.
  • To prevent ingrown hair, avoid intense exercise and tight clothing immediately after your waxing, but do apply a soothing cream containing salicylic acid.
  • During the first 24 hours after you wax it is recommended to avoid hot baths, sun bathing, swimming, UV treatments, tight clothing, perfumed products, and touching, rubbing or scrubbing the area.
 About Reveal’s I2PL (SPA SHRTM)


  • I2PL stands for Intense Pulse Light 2, and it’s a technique used by beauty salons worldwide to semi­permanently remove body hair. The procedure is painless, and the results are visible for a longer period of time (up to two years), which makes it common among celebrities and athletes.
  • I2PL has all the benefits of waxing without the side effects of other hair removal methods. However, it lasts much longer, up to 2 years or even longer for some people. With maintenance every 6 to 8 months it can go a long way, not to mention it also helps lighten hair pigmentation. I2PL also brightens the skin and exfoliates it gently, making it silky and smooth, the way it should be!
  • Unlike the common IPL or Laser, Reveal I2PL (SPA SHR®) is a patented and one of the latest IPL technologies in achieving long­lasting hair removal that is virtually pain­free. With the first SHR scanning machine in Myanmar, Reveal take pride in offering our customers a pain­free hair removal system that eliminates unwanted hair faster and more comfortably than ever before. With its medically tested superior wide spectrum technology, that gets rid of the common problem of missed or skipped spots. This comprehensive coverage means shinier and smoother skin. We offer anything from Brazilian to legs, arms, body and facial hair removal treatments.
  • The hair root has a 3­phase life cycle: hair growth, death, rest. Only about 30% off the roots are sprouting hair at a given time, while the others are in rest mode. That is why the I2PL treatment requires a few sessions in order to be efficient. However, your skin will remain soft and silky for up to two years after that!
  • I2PL hair removal is precise, which means it selectively targets dark hairs while leaving the skin undamaged. It is also fast, treating for example the upper lip in under a minute. Moreover, it’s predictable, meaning that 90% of patients do lose unwanted hair after just a few sessions.
  • For a month after your I2PL treatment, avoid extensive sun exposure. A little sun is alright though, as long as you use the right SPF protection! For soothing, lasting moisture, apply our Tea Tree Soothe Cream twice a day for a week after the treatment.