About us

Reveal Brand Story

When our founder first came to Yangon, he quickly realized not only proper hair removal methods were not practiced, there was also a near absence of waxing/IPL hair removal services. Whatever that was available was shockingly lacking in international hygiene and treatment standards.

As a strong believer in the beauty of hair removal he soon engaged like-minded individuals and began enlisting one of the best, if not the best, international waxing trainer, multiple international hair removal consultants and taking advantage of top international products in both waxing and IPL to pave the way to the birth of Reveal, Eminence Hair!

Reveal was born in hope that it will not only be able to deliver world-class hair removal services to the local population, but also inspire international hygiene standards and practices among fellow hair removal joints.

Consultants from
1. Lycon International (Wax)
2. Alma International (IPL)



As the first and only International Waxing & IPL Hair Removal Boutique we aim to maintain a World-Class-Quality pampering hair removal experience in Myanmar.
The First International Hair Removal Boutique in Myanmar. Founded by leading authorities in the international waxing and hair removal industry. At Reveal – Eminence Hair Removal we promised a world-class – most pampering, hygiene and efficient IPL & Waxing experience and treatment like no others.





It was a most pleasant waxing experience I ever had. Feels like baby smooth skin! – Han Ti (Myanmar Famous Youth Celebrity)